For the past few years I have had quite a journey of experiences as I have progressed in the world of hunting. Beginning as a gun-shy, goofy and clumsy person bumbling after the lead hunter in the bush, to someone slightly less gun-shy, who can at least walk quietly and hunt on her own.

My first ever deer hunt was in 2012 with a good friend and it had me hooked – before that I had never even seen a deer in the wild and tasted venison only once.  In 2013 I followed people around as they hunted, before buying myself a rifle and clumsily shooting a few goats.  2014 saw me have my first miss, an 8-10 point stag in hard antler, and then finally my first deer (a fallow). From there I have explored some new ground, taken some reds and a nice sika too. I’m still learning, and I’m still a bit gun shy.

My hunting buddies have been very good to me, passing on their wisdom and not hitting on me (too much). They have supported me and answered my questions, and been proud of me when I have achieved. I am very grateful to all they have shared with me, and look forward to repaying the favour one day (perhaps I will buy that hunting block). I also have to thank my partner of several years – he has never complained about me heading off into the bush with other men or forgoing Christmas holidays in order to hunt.

I often get asked about my motivations for wanting to hunt. I have to say that I do like self-sufficiency, and being an animal lover, it is my way of respecting the meat that I eat. It is still a thrill to stalk in close and not shoot, although after a bitter disappointment I learned that I need to invest in a good camera! I enjoy giving the animal a sporting chance, and working hard to recover the meat.

In this blog I aim to share adventures, humour, and a few things I learn along the way – all from a female perspective, but hopefully not the one you’re used to.  I hope you enjoy my posts!


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My journey into beginning deerstalking and hunting in New Zealand